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2018 Beneficiaries





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This year we are delighted to be supporting three very well deserving casues, they are:





Following your feedback we have made some important changes to the Swim this year. For the first time in our history, we will be holding two early registration evenings for those who do not live in the immediate area. We recognised that the time between registration and the swim beggining was too long to enable some swimmers to go home before coming back for the Swim. This meant those swimmers had to wait around the village for the Swim starting. Early registration will be open to everyone who would like to Swim, on Tuesday 18th December and Thursday 20th December at Burghead Harbour Office between 7pm and 9pm. If desired you may hand your sponsor money in at this time or on Boxing Day.

Important points to note; early registration will NOT mean an early number on the day, anyone who registers early will still have to confirm their attendence in the Swim by signing in by 2pm on Boxing Day at the Harbour Office, failure to do this will result in you forfeiting your place in the Swim. Once signed in you will then receive your swimmer number. PLEASE NOTE EVERY SWIMMER MUST HAND IN THE MINIMUM OF £50 ENTRANCE FEE IN ORDER TO TAKE PART. We know some swimmers have questioned this amount in the past however are reasons for asking for this are twofold; this ensures everyone achives the same and fair benchmark; and this enables us to raise a provsional total on the day of cash in hand. If you can get 10 people pledging £5 or 5 people pledging £10 you will have acheived this.

Finally, jumping in the harbour on Boxing Day is a great personal achievement, to jump in front of hundreds, maybe thousdands of people is no mean feat and you should be incredibly proud, on behalf of the committee and the chosen beneficiaries THANK YOU very much.



ABBIE'S SPARKLE FOUNDATION - The foundation was set up on Boxing Day 2017 in memory of Abbie Main, who died on Christmas Day 2017 after a brave battle with a rare form of Sarcoma. It was Abbie's wish to set up a charity with the foresed name to raise money for children and their famlies affected by cancer. It was her wish to ensure that through her Foundation she could make a difference by spreading one of her Sparkles by way of gifts, treats and days away with the family in the hope it would bring a smile to the children that need it most. Abbie's family along with some loyal helpers has made Abbie's wish come true and has already raised thousands. The Boxing Day Swim will mark the one year anniversary of Abbie's Sparkle Foundation and Abbie's dad Russel, who himself was involved with the Swim for 30 years (and holds the record for the most jumps) will be jumping in memory of his beautiful daughter. We are proud to be supporting the Foundation and look forward to the Sparkles that we can help be a part of.http://abbiessparklefoundation.org/


BURGHEAD PARENT AND TODDLERS - This group has been a vital part of the community for years and this is where lifelong friends are made - and not just among the children. This group brings together locals as well as those who may have just moved to the area. It is a safe place for the children to play, get to know each other and have fun. It also provides a space for parents to chat, socialise and get some reassuring advice for those who may be first time parents. For many this is a lifeline that they look forward to each week. The money raised from the Swim will be used to buy some much need newer and sturdier toys for the children and some tables for snack time etc. We are proud to be supporting the group the benefits of which will be felt for years to come.


BURGHEAD COASTAL ROWING CLUB - Burghead Coastal Rowing Club was founded in 2013 in the hope of purchasing and building their own skiff. Membership soon took hold and with a healthy number of members they successfully purchased their own skiff, built it and went on to enter various regattas and races around Scotland. Burghead has been such a success that it has encouraged other villages and towns in coastal Moray to follow suit, there are now such a number of these clubs around the country that there is to be a World Skiff Championship in Stranraer in 2019. The money the club receives from this years Swim will be used to help all members attend and enable Burghead to be represented at a world level. We are proud to be supporting the Club after the Club has supported the Swim each Boxing Day since it's inception.https://www.facebook.com/burgheadcrc/


We hope you will all agree these are well deserved beneficiaries, and we hope you decide to Swim! If jumping isn't for you please do come and join us on Boxing Day to cheer everyone on, refreshments will be available and you will be warmly welcomed by our wonderful bucket ladies. Please look out for our raffle sellers, prizes this year include distillery tours, rare whisky and an adventure weekend in Inverness

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